Water Quality Continuum Atmospheric Correction Workshop

20 October 2022 | Online | Free registration

Within the H2020 Water-ForCE project a Roadmap will be developed for the water component of the future Copernicus services. The signal of water is challengingly small in comparison to the atmosphere and for small to intermediate inland waters e.g. the adjacency effect forms a challenge. (IOCCG, 2018). Therefore atmospheric correction and adjacency effect correction are extremely important processing steps for deriving water-leaving reflectance and higher level water quality products. The objectives of this workshop are:

  • To present ongoing R&D project results on i) atmospheric correction for inland and coastal waters and ii) atmospheric correction validation with in situ data for inland and coastal waters.
  • To provide recommendations (incl. additional spectral bands) for atmospheric correction and validation for future Copernicus water quality products
  • To prioritize recommendations

Recommendations will be included in the Water-ForCE Roadmap.

Questionnaire Results (including prioritization of recommendations).


Available presentations

Analysis Ready Data - Aquatic Reflectance

Atmospheric Correction

Atmospheric Correction Validation with In Situ Data