Project deliverables

Work Package 1 - Policy, Stakeholders and Service Analysis

Work Package 2 - Water Quality Continuum

Work Package 3 - Water Quantity

Work Package 4 - Aligning in situ and Earth Observation activities

Work Package 5 - Modelling and Data Assimilation

Work Package 7 - Dissemination and Communication

Work Package 8 - Coordination and Management

Project newsletters

Newsletter #1 (April 11, 2022)

Newsletter #2 (August 30, 2022)

Peer Review Publications

De Keukelaere, L.; Moelans, R.; Knaeps, E.; Sterckx, S.; Reusen, I.; De Munck, D.; Simis, S.G.H.; Constantinescu, A.M.; Scrieciu, A.; Katsouras, G.; Mertens, W.; Hunter, P.D.; Spyrakos, E.; Tyler, A. Airborne Drones for Water Quality Mapping in Inland, Transitional and Coastal Waters—MapEO Water Data Processing and Validation. Remote Sens. (2023), 15, 1345.

Nkwasa, A., Chawanda, C. J., Jägermeyr, J., and van Griensven, A.: Improved representation of agricultural land use and crop management for large-scale hydrological impact simulation in Africa using SWAT+, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 26, 71–89,, 2022.

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Cesana, I., et al. Preliminary Investigation on Phytoplankton Dynamics and Primary Production Models in an Oligotrophic Lake from Remote Sensing Measurements. Sensors 21.15 (2021): 5072,

General media publications

Constantinescu, A. H2020 WaterForCE – un nou proiect pentru îmbunătățirea instrumentelor folosite în studiul și managementul apei,

Other publications

Kazlouskaya, M., Bocin-Dumitriu, A., van Duivenbode, L., Spyrakos, E., Kutser, T., Georgantzis, N., Agnoli, L., Cillero, C. (2022) 'European and international policy drivers in water scenarios for Copernicus Exploitation'.

Project Working Documents

Stakeholders list

Analysis of current Copernicus water quality portfolio

Review Document on Copernicus products related to the hydrological water balance, Services Inventory