Citizen Science for the CAL/VAL of satellite aquatic products

11 October 2022 13:00 - 15:30 CEST | Online | Free registration

In situ data acquisition is an expensive process that needs high-frequency and broad spatial coverage to be fully useful in remote sensing calibration and/or validation exercises. An important new source of spatially intensive data acquisition, the crowd sourcing carried out inside of Citizen Science initiatives, has been developed in previous projects within the EU by, among other things, the development of tools and citizen observatories solutions.

We will hear the experiences of Citizen Science tools developers and users and Citizen Science experts, as a basis for discussion during our expert panel time afterwards.

Our aim is to fully explore the possibilities of Citizen Science for calibration and validation of Copernicus water quality and quantity products, focused in the identification of:

  • Opportunities/potential for Cal/Val
  • Gaps & problems Identified
  • Needs
  • Data Quality, format and uncertainties

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