Summer edition: Copernicus 4 Recreational Inland Waters

June 29, 2022 16:00 CET | Free registration

With the onset of the summer season, residents and tourists alike spend an increasing amount of time near rivers, lakes, and other bodies of inland water. Hence, it is critical to monitor their health, especially pollution hazards, to maintain the safety of water activities. This can be difficult since many lakes and rivers are huge, some are isolated, and certain locations have so many water bodies that monitoring them insitu can be unattainable. During our sixth webinar, we will discuss the Copernicus tools that allow us to accomplish this task.


  • Grega Milcinski CEO and co-founder of Sinergise, specialising in software for advanced geospatial applications, helping Europe to efficiently manage and control agriculture policy and introducing land administration systems to developing countries in Africa. He will present on the topic "Blue Dot Water Observatory - monitoring of water bodies around the world"

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  • Dr. Mark Matthews is the founder and director of CyanoLakes, a company driven to deliver the full benefits of EO data to the water industry and society at large. He will present on the topic "Your Weather App for Lakes: Keeping communities safe from Cyanobacteria Blooms using Copernicus EO data"

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